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What is Recycling? According to ‘Google’. ‘Recycling’ is the process of converting waste materials that would usually be thrown away, into new materials and objects. Recycling waste reduces the number of harmful materials produced and reduces energy usage, therefore benefitting the environment.

What Does This Mean for You?

Quite simply, by recycling your waste as much as possible, it SAVES you money. For example, Skip Bin Guys always encourages our customers to keep their waste separate I.e. green waste from household waste and cardboard from construction.  We in turn upon collection take your waste to the yards that specialise in the type of waste being disposed of.  We know and use all different types of recycling yards, all ready to sort and clean your waste and put it to great use.

Cardboard and paper are recycled and regenerated.

Green Waste is composted and/or mulched

Brick and tile are crushed to use for road base

These are just small examples of waste materials that get recycled.  Most often you will see recycling bins in your local shopping centres. These bins take clothes, glass and bottles. Utilising these bins and free services, you are not only helping the environment, you are saving money.

Of course, Skip Bin Guys understand not everything can be sorted and separated and Skip Bin Guys cater for those times too.  When you call us, we help you understand and decide the right size bin for the job.  We deliver the bin to you on site. Once filled we take your mixed waste to a QUALITY recycling transfer station where your waste is sifted and sorted as much as possible before the remaining waste is then transferred to landfill.

Handy Tips for Home Recycling

Know what can and can’t be recycled

Separate your waste

Consider a Compost for Organic Waste

Make sure all items are clean and dry before you put them in your recycle bin

Say ‘No’ to Plastic and Plastic Bags

Skip Bin Guys Environmentally and Friendly Recycling and Disposing your waste.

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