Quakers Hill NSW 2763

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What items are not allowed to be placed in the skip bins?

A1. Waste liquids, hazardous waste, food stuffs, asbestos, paints and poisons, oils and gas bottles. If you have hazardous waste that you need to dispose of call Skip Bin Guys on 0426 267 601.


Q2. Can I arrange a skip bin to be delivered on a weekend?

A2. Yes, we deliver bins 7 days a week.


Q3. Can I pay by credit card?

A3. Skip Bin Guys accept both Visa and Master card. American Express is accepted but additional surcharge will apply


Q4. How do we order a skip bin from Skip Bin Guys?

A4. We are available to call on 0426 267 601 seven days a week.


Q5. How much notice do we require to order a bin?

A5. We can deliver a skip bin the same day for orders placed before 10:30 a.m. If you require a.m. delivery, please call the day before.


Q6. To what level can the skip bin be filled?

A6. Skip bins can be filled to the rim indicated on the bin. But no materials are to be protruding over the top of the skip bin. Overloaded bins are illegal and dangerous both to us at Skip Bin Guys and to the general public.


Q7. What happens if the bin is overloaded?

A7. If the skip bin is over-loaded, another bin can be arranged for you to fill at customer’s cost.


Q8. How long can I keep the skip bin?

A8. Our hire is for 7 days, with pickup on the 8th day.


Q9. Can I keep the skip bin for longer if required?

A9. This is at Skip Bin Guy’s discretion and availabilty of the bin.


Q10. Can I move the skip bin?

A10. No. The bin must remain where our operator places the bin at all times. This bin will be placed in consultation with the customer and the operator.


The bin sometimes cannot be placed where the customer wants due to over-hanging trees, power lines, sloping ground and at all times has to be placed as per council and RTA guidelines.


Moving the skip bin requires an experienced operator and specialised lifting apparatus to prvent damage to the bin and surrounding areas.


Q11. Do our skip bins have wheel barrow access?

A11. Yes, our 3 metre, 4 metre, 5 metre and 6 metre all have wheel barrow access.


Q12. Do I need to prepare for the arrival of my skip bin?

A12. Yes, you need to provide clear access for the truck and equipment and make sure:

  • you leave room for delivery of the bin and collection of the bin when full.
  • there are no overhanging trees or power lines (7 metres clearance needed to comply with OH&S).
  • all vehicles including boats and caravans are moved prior to the skip bin being delivered.
  • you have all keys to vehicles if needed.
  • space is clear for the bin to be delivered.
Q13. What size bin do I need?

A13. Skip Bin Guys are happy to advise on your skip bin requirements.


Please call on 0426 267 601.


Q14. Who is responsible for the skip bin?

A14. You the hirer are responsible for the skip bin while it’s in your possession.

If your neighbours or employees are filling the bin, it is YOU who is responsible for what goes in the bin. you should check that no hazardous material has been placed in the bin. If there has been, action should be taken IMMEDIATELY BEFORE filling the bin further.

Additional charges will be passed on to the hirers for bins that are over-filled, contain toxic or hazardous materials. By accepting our bin, you will also accept our terms and conditions of use.


Q15. Is there a cancellation fee?

A15. Skip Bin Guys understand that people’s needs are subject to change. Therefore, we only charge a cancellation fee if our driver has already left the yard and is on his way to your site.